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  1. Alright, thanks. I will try to remember saving more frequent next time! We say in Norway “burned child fears the fire” so hopefully I will remember. 😅 Before jumping between Designer and Photo is something I will remember now.
  2. Yes. This was version 2. something though, from last year. I updated to latest versions after this incident yesterday.
  3. For mac, is it possible to run some kind of 3rd party app script that makes saves say every 15 minutes? When I get really focused and excited about some work I sometimes forget to hit the save as commands. I lost 3 hours of hard work yesterday. Full error crash when trying to open the Designer project in Photo. I was just going to do a crop before the final save of the day. After the crash, because I was in shock and frustrated anger I did the mistake of opening the last save and then I think I lost the autosave file. There is one autosave file found but it will not open. Unknown file. Please please we need some proper safe autosave functions. It cant be that hard to implement such a simple script?
  4. I tried Aero with the latest Affinity versions and it did not help, also after restart. But its fine, its an old pc anyhow. I just needed to get the job done and it all works now with the older versions! They are not even that old, 1.9.0 works and is from earlier this year (2021). Probably I will get a new laptop sometime during next year.
  5. Hey Walt! Thanks for the link. However I decided not to install those for two reasons: Firefox did not trust them, so I asked my highly skilled programmer friend, and he told me he was skeptical because the ring effect it can create with other apps.
  6. Hey Jeff! After some googling I found the download links to the older versions! I tried a few, and found out 1.9.0 is the latest version I can use. So it works fine now! Regarding using latest version, it is supposed to work on win 7, but I see now aero must be enabled, so I might try that: 1.10.4 requirements, Affinity Store version: Windows® 7 (Service Pack 1; Platform Update KB2670838; Aero enabled) Jbridge: yes I know, but thank you for reminding me! Guess I will try it..
  7. Hello! I had the 1.8.4 versions working just fine. Photo, Designer, Publisher. Usually the Affinity apps asks to do an update at launch and this time I decided it was about time. Win7 64bit. I updated (1.10.4) and now they will not open! I restarted a few times. And I can not download older versions anymore because they can only be accessed through the apps download button, as far as I can see. Been looking everywhere for those slightly older versions. What to do? For now it would be best just to get the 1.8.4 versions I had back.. Gigabyte p34G, Win7 64bit, 16gb ram, 2x ssds, 4th gen quad i7, NVIDIA GTX 760M GDDR5 2GB Why win7 only on this machine: I cant update to win 10 or 11 because I need to access music projects running back over 10 years in other creative apps. I left to another country with this laptop only, for a 2 weeks xmas holiday with family, and I was going to work a lot in between the family dinners. I do have a newer win 10/11 laptop back home, but I brought this one because I was also going to work on some of these old music projects from other apps. They will not run on win10 because Ableton Live 7 32bit program uses old 32bit plugins only and Ableton does not support 32bit plugs anymore, since win8. I have an upcoming music release, but also need to work in Affinity asap for a game im developing.
  8. Hello! Affinity Photo Glitch Effects asset pack I recently bought the Glitch Effects asset package from the Affinity store to use for a record cover in Affinity Photo. However the Live Halftone lines (filter) etc does not scale when zooming in and out in the artwork! It looks different at any size, unless I zoom in so close I can only see a small part of the art. Then it stops changing. The only way to see how it looks like as a whole is to export it. So I have to export every minute to get a view of how it looks. Is there a way to lock the view so I can get a proper monitoring of the artwork as a whole, before exporting?
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