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  1. nah i mean a more direct competitor to content aware fill's interface, something i consider necessary for a lot of the work i do.
  2. I am slightly reluctant to move entirely to this software due to the inability to refine the area inpainting draws information from. I suggest adding a GUI for selecting where inpaint will fill from, or perhaps allowing us to fill from a specific layer (so we can make a layer with only the info we want to fill with, though this would be very very janky in my opinion.) I don't enjoy being one of those guys complaining that this app isn't a certain other product, but this is honestly the only thing holding me back from making the switch. I love AFP for literally EVERYTHING else it does better for me. Thank you for considering~
  3. +1, tested as well and i have the same crash. it's in the photo app, and persona inside publisher. tested on a windows laptop, and windows pc (both windows 10)
  4. there really should just be a "disable all" button. i spent a solid 20 minutes last night trying to figure out why i still had a border on a cell, just to figure out i had to click on each individual type of border and clear the style. that's severely unintuitive
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