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    suisui reacted to Alfred in Can I use it after June 20 ?   
    Shouldn’t that be ‘Certainly not’?? 
    The 50% discount offer ends on June 20, and the 90-day trial will no longer be available after that date, but a trial started today (June 5) should keep working for 90 days rather than just 15 days.
    Edit: Revisiting the topic title, I see that ‘Certainly, yes’ is the answer to the question posed there: ‘Can I use it after June 20 ?’
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    suisui reacted to walt.farrell in Can I use it after June 20 ?   
    Yes, if you and they have signed up for the 90-day trial, and each has received the email with the product key that converts the 10-day trial into a 90-day trial, and each enters their product key when first starting the program, the trial should run for 90 days.
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    suisui got a reaction from Alfred in Can I use it after June 20 ?   
    I was relieved.
    Against my poor English,Thank you for your prompt reply. 
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