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  1. It appears as though the replies are using designer and not publisher. Should I be doing this in Designer?
  2. How can I accomplish transparent text such as the examples attached please?
  3. OK. Is there a way for me to request this tool be considered for addition in a later version of Affinity? This "Resize/Resample" tool was in PagePlus, and I've never seen this type of tool in any other editing software, and it was one of the most useful tools in PagePlus. Thanks
  4. I'm so sorry but how do I get to, "Resize Document dialogue box"?
  5. Any new thoughts on how I might be able to achieve this in Affinity? Thanks
  6. Yes I have Affinity suite on desktop...publisher, photo, and designer. thanks
  7. I'm still getting used to Affinity. I come from many years of using PagePlus. Here is my question. In PagePlus there was a "resample" option that was very very helpful in cleaning up image files and the perception of their resolution/quality. I cannot find anything like this in Affinity. Can someone help me with that? Thanks
  8. That is so helpful thanks so much. forgive my ignorance but what does "bumping the dev log" mean? Thanks again
  9. Please attached. there are three versions (test png.png) was exported from Publisher as a png file and still has the white background visible. (test export.jpg) was exported from Publisher a a jpg file and still has the white background visible. (Mapping God's Mercies- slide1.jpg) was exported from Publisher, then opened in Affinity Photo, cropped out the white backgrounds, and then exported back out of Affinity Photo as a .jpg file and it is perfect. Can this not be done in Publisher? Thanks
  10. When I select a image in Affinity Publisher and export it as a .jpg file (transparent without background)...it adds a portion of the white background page to the exported image. How can I select an image and export only the selected image? Thanks
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