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  1. I recently updated my Mac operating system and Affinity Designer. Since doing so, I've noticed that the selection boxes on things I click aren't in the right spot or they flicker and jump. The layers themselves move like normal, but the boxes are an issue and the software slowed way down. What should I do?
  2. Every index on the history slider represents a move that was made in the software right? If you can capture that data, then each index could become a slide or a frame. All Affinity would have to do hypothetically is take those slides compile them at a frame-rate decided by the user. Alternatively, they could do a similar thing except with a system filling in the gaps between frames. That would require a bit more code, but since Designer works in vectors, it's a matter of a few transformations between frames. I'd code an example, but I don't have access to the Affinity source.
  3. I made the move to Affinity Designer not long ago from Assembly for iOS. While the Affinity suite is leagues ahead of that software, one feature it has that Affinity does not is the ability to export a process video. What I propose is a feature that converts a document's history into a video sequence that shows each step that the artist took to create their piece. I appreciate your consideration and anticipate your response.
  4. Okay, thank you. I didn't specify because I adore your software and will buy anything I can. I'm just moving to a new operating system soon and wanted to take my favorite graphics software with me as easily as possible. Thank you for your support and great business model! Sincerely, Another Happy Customer
  5. I will happily buy another license for this software, but would I also have to repurchase the digital add-on content? I'm not against the idea, just curious.
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