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  1. I have tried no less than 16 times to install Affinity Photo because this NEW MacBook Pro (2020) running Catalina (it CAME with it, NOT my choice) will NOT let me install this program. The only options i have for installing things is either save file (I tried this ONCE) or DiskImageMounter which was fine for firefox and an android transfer program. None of my CS5 programs work cuz 32 v. 64 bit, so I'm trying to find subs cuz I'm NOT buying into that extortionist rental program of Adobe's, ESPECIALLY since i paid FULL price for the CS5 suit back in 2010. ANybody? ANybody? What's a work around? Even the Affinity guys couldn't help. They say no one else has had this problem "TODAY. " but i see HERE that SEVERAL people had problems various YESTERDAYS.
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