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  1. Please advise if you have plans to support Japanese text layout conforming to the JIS X 4051 standard in Affinity Publisher.
  2. I want to resize an object by a certain percentage. I know I can change the Width and Height values, but they don't seem to be locked to scale proportionally.
  3. After some actual experimentation, I have found that Affinity Designer does indeed support my old Adobe Type 1 fonts just as I would expect. Even the instances we have created from our Tekton MM Multiple Master font work well, but they do not show in the glyph viewer. What I saw originally IS (apparently) a quirk of the glyph viewer. No, nothing in the search bar. It shows my newer OpenType Adobe Caslon Pro just fine but shows absolutely nothing when I select my extensive family of Type 1 Adobe Caslon from the viewer's font menu where it sits just above the Adobe Caslon Pro. I'm delighted I can indeed use all my favorite fonts. I look forward to an update to the glyph viewer.
  4. I'm just getting started with Affinity on my MacBook Pro (Mojave). I first noticed the glyphs not showing up in the glyph panel in the Publisher beta v.1.7.0 Just to confirm I checked the glyph panel in Designer v.1.6.1 Might this just be a quirk of the glyph panels? It was the Adobe Woodtype fonts I first saw this with.
  5. I AM excited by the extensive OpenType typography features, but I'm surprised by the lack of support for Adobe Type 1 fonts. I see that the old TrueType fonts are well supported. OpenType fonts enclose either a TrueType font or an Adobe Type 1 font. This is why I'm baffled about the lack of support for Adobe Type 1 fonts.
  6. I do NOT think my Type 1 fonts include OpenType features. I would just like to use some of them in my designs. I DO have a couple of Type 1 Multiple Master fonts that have similar features as OpenType Variable fonts but these Multiple Master fonts won't work with the software at all.
  7. I am excited by the extended OpenType typography features, but I can't seem to use any of my treasured Adobe Type 1 fonts. Must I convert these fonts to TrueType to use them with the software?
  8. I'm still watching for 'picas' as a measurement unit. It's a standard measurement that makes the gap between points and inches manageable. Like inches, feet and yards, with twelve inches to the foot and three feet to the yard, there are twelve points to the pica and six picas to the inch. PLEASE, this is the only design program I have ever used that DOESN'T offer this unit.
  9. Points and picas are standard graphics measurements. Why do you skip directly form inches to points? 72 points to the inch is unwieldy. 6 picas in an inch, 12 points in a pica Picas PLEASE!!!
  10. I've always used picas. They're much handier to use than points. Sorta like using centimeters instead of millimeters.
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