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  1. I think a checkbox for Anti Aliasing of the UI font, plus the ability to change the font and the size is not changeing the whole interface. In Blender you can fully customize font and aa etc. Many 3d applications allow many interface customizations. I tried to load all those xml files and looked into them but nothing refers to font or font rendering.
  2. Hello there I made a screenshot and enlarged the picture to 200% without interpolation You can see that the font on my desktop is much more clear to read than Affinitys font. I tried to regedit, turned off cleartype etc. I run Win 7 at home and have set it to max performance (This way all anti aliasing will be turned off) In the Office we recently purchased Affinity Photo and Designer and playn to replace Adobe with it. My Computer in the Office has Win 10 installed, its much more unasy to turn off all Anti Aliasing and Sub Pixel Anti Aliasing for the Win 10 System, change the system font? Need regedit to use Tahoma. I found no backdoor way to disable AA in Affinity, there seems no config file whatsoever in the install folder, only alot of dll.
  3. Hi can i bump this topic up? Please Serif Team can you guys respond? I know a small team is very busy with many things, and this seems a minor problem. I find it great we designers finally get an seriouse alternative to the big A. Never liked GIMP. I dont want endless features, i need ease of use / usability. Tight time schedules dont allow me to hassle with overcomplicated quirks .Dont like subscriptions either. To the topic, i have the same issues reading anti aliased fonts or cleartype( even worse). I have seriouse issues with my diopters so anything in between screen pixels appears like unsharp for me and causing headache. I already have problems turning off all font AA on win 10. Seems MS doesnt care this problem either. My first LCD screen was such a relief to finally read binary fonts clear. Now with the advent of new win 10 and other modern applications i feel back to those horrible times of CRT screens that allways caused me issues. I hope the developers read this and can make it possible to deactivate all font AA withing their programms, and maybe even make it possible to choose a font. I prefer Tahoma since its a font you can already ready quite good at 12 pt. Kep the good work going guys!
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