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  1. hi, yes i have read your msg numerous time, and it did not help. any way i re-install my pc - re-download and the problem's solved thank you for asking.
  2. i've tried to install it and removed the old file using microsoft un/install as the direction, but this problem keep occuring and the only file that missing is the photo.exe
  3. here's the file, please kindly check it out, idk why it's keep on missing the photo app file, while other complementary files are okay. Setup.log SetupUI.log
  4. i keep running into the same problem and had tried all the solution that been given through the FAQ, designer running properly, but when i tried to install photo, there is no photo.exe file on it, so the shortcut gives a missing exe sign so it can't be open. i tried install using local account but it is the same. then i tried to repair the file but the setup failed. btw i did reboot and tried using safe mode, but the setup instantly failed without processing unlike before. so what should i do? i think the only problem is the missing file photo.exe since all other file see
  5. so here's the file, kindly help me ASAP, thankyou so much 947d394e-9aed-11ea-9a63-e36afd204768 SetupUI.log Setup.log
  6. well i was able to complete the setup, but there is no photo.exe file eventhough i have complete all the installation
  7. please help me, it is the same case so i tried to reboot method and creating an admin account. and it did run for like 1 sec then stops. i did check my task manager but there's no affinity program running, and my laptop met all the requirements needed. but i can run my affinity designer properly.
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