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  1. For me, the i'd welcome the Slice Tool being able to Snap to Grid. Better still would be for it be able to detect snapping constraints in similiar fashion to the node/pen tools.
  2. Np Earnest. MS Visio should work for the simple mech drawings if you're sticking to plan & evaluation. Wouldn't dare trying ortho or axon drawings with it. You could also look at EAGLE for the PCB stuff (apologies if you already have) as I found it an easier learning curve than pulsonix when I dabbled in some custom pcb's a few years ago. I think I still have an AI template somewhere for PCB work that had vector brushes setup for traces, pots, etc. Damn I really wish affinity would add true vector brush capability to AD.
  3. Hi Ernest, don't be scared of autoCAD. Recent(ish) changes to support 2d parametric modelling make it heaps easier for 2D plan/elevation drawing. The constraints interface still isn't as good as others (Creo is my fav) but it means that you're less likely to waste time after a mistake. The iso grid in AD is a godsend but unfortunately doesn't have the dimensioning that you'd desire. If your work is just going to be 2D: try MS Visio. But if you're needing to draft/design in the Z... I'd try Google SketchUp or Fusion 360. Both have free versions and decent online support
  4. Lo-fi solution. Draw straight line, use transform panel to set desired length and rotate. Use this line to achieve the required displacement. It's not sexy or sophisticated...
  5. Would it be possible to append the swatches and brushes palettes akin to the assets category? This would allow sub-grouping and make organisation much cleaner when dealing with large assets. Also including an 'add from selection' fill/line for swatches would be welcome. This could possibly facilitate sub-categories being auto-created and named if the selected swatches are already grouped (see Swatches2.png). My lo-tech solution (adding extra No-fill swatches in Swatches1.png) to get logical colour-grouping is time consuming and i often resort to just creating a specific layer for swatches, then having to cut/paste into a new document if i want that same palette again.
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