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  1. Leigh, a thousand blessings on your household! That's enough to get me started solving the problem. Many thanks. Also, as a suggestion for the documentation, I recommend a page about "alpha channel". This would help novices like me who are used to that terminology. best regards, David
  2. Leigh, EPS file uploaded to your link. I need either an alpha channel of the transparency OR the checkerboard pattern replaced by a uniform greenscreen colour (so I can key it out in FCPX. regards, David
  3. carl123, many thanks for your post.... very helpful! I will contact the mods, as you suggest. best regards, David
  4. Here's the Looooooooong layers palette.......
  5. I bought an eps file with an alpha channel. I opened it in Affinity Designer which I just purchased (LOVE IT ALREADY!!!!) At the risk of seeming thick as 2 short planks I cannot drop out the checkerboard pattern which indicates transparency, in order to have an alpha channel for the foreground elements. The ultimate destination is FCP X on Mac OS. I cannot attach the file, as it is purchased, but the attached screenshot shows the transparency pattern. Can any clever soul guide me as to how to create an alpha channel? The Affinity guide does not show an entry for alpha channel best regards, David.
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