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  1. I'd like, if possible, to see some more option in the stock tab to make it more usable, the way it currently works has no actual advantage over the browser version, specially because for downloading the image means going to the browser and accessing the website, and the option to drag and drop it directly from the stock tabs has many limitations, besides slowing down the software considerably. The features I'd like to see implemented are simple functions like, download, open, place, and info, probably all in a right-click menu. What I have in mind: kind of a pop up (tooltip) that'd show the maximum size of the image that's possible to download. Progress bar for downloaded images Dedicated folder for downloaded stock images with a tab for managing it (maybe the possibility to chose where that folder is) Download button with all the options that show up on the download page (for unsplash that'd be small, medium, large and original, with their respective sizes) Option to place the image (that'd actually download it to a folder first, so download function would apply here) Option to open the image (that'd actually download it to a folder first, so download function would apply here) I do believe that these features would give a better and real integration with the stock tab as it would actually be functional.
  2. I'm truly impressed with Serif's posture during this time. those 90 free trial days + half the price on each software was a really nice gesture indeed, but I can't help to ask, is Serif taking into account countries like Brazil, the place i line in, where the US Dollar is almost 6 times more valuable than our own currency at this moment?
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