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  1. I removed all the Epson ones, but then discovered something curious upon further testing. The first application restart after I removed the profiles finished in about 8 seconds. Great, looks like the hunch was right! But then I restarted it again to see if it could go even faster, in case it needed that first run to refresh a cache or something. Nope, the second time took 14 seconds. Then 28 seconds. Then 18 seconds, 34 seconds, 44 seconds, 23 seconds, 15 seconds, etc., etc. There were no other foreground apps open, and Task Manager confirmed Photo was the only thing with CPU and disk activity. I quit and relaunched Photo several times while Procmon profiled it. It seemed that despite the widely varying launch times, Photo was doing pretty much the same thing every time. It seemed that parsing the ICC profiles took up the most amount of time. Procmon showed Photo.exe looping through the ICC profiles on disk with a very obvious delay between each one. While those delays were consistent within each launch attempt, they would be different between attempts. I can't tell why it behaves that way, only that it does. There's a ton of procmon data generated on each run, and I haven't had time to sift through all of it yet to create a better bug report. I'll also try booting Windows into safe mode to see if that makes a difference. Procmon: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/downloads/procmon
  2. 96 files in C:\Windows\System32\spool\drivers\color. 26 of those are for my Epson 3880 printer, and I believe the rest are what ship with Windows 10?
  3. In my case, it isn't the number of fonts. 152 typefaces, 595 font files. The Affinity Photo splash screen does display the "Loading fonts..." status for a couple of seconds, but that's it. There is a 30-second pause before that happens, though, and it happens on every run. I had a quick peek with procmon, and it looks like the Photo.exe process is spending all that time reading ICC colour profiles and some "blacklist.txt" file, over and over and over again. Still digging around to see what's going on...
  4. I've noticed the same slow startup times in recent months during the 1.8 beta period, continuing to this day with the release. It used to startup within a few seconds, but now it takes 30+ seconds. I have noticed that the alpha channel of the Photo startup logo goes opaque, which I usually find in Windows 10 means the app is stuck in some sort of busy loop. It goes clear again, and shortly thereafter the main Photo workspace window opens. Everything else is fast on my system, and the hardware specs are no slouch: AMD 3900X, two HP EX920 m.2 1 TB SSDs (boot/OS/apps on one, photos on the other), 32 GB RAM, nVidia GTX 1660 Ti.
  5. Ah, so that's the difference! Pretty cool technology: https://v-fonts.com/ I don't expect Photo to ever have full support for variable fonts (that would be more of a Designer or Publisher thing), but it would be nice to at least be able to access the predefined styles. I see this issue was raised four years ago already.
  6. I haven't gone through my entire collection yet, but I've noticed this problem specifically with two families: Bahnschrift and Cascadia Code. Both happen to be Microsoft typefaces included in Windows 10, though other Microsoft typefaces are fine. Photo and all previous betas I've tried exhibit the same behaviour. Despite the typeface offering several styles (light, condensed, bold, black, italic, etc.), all styles show up as "Regular". Photo seems to know that there is more than one style, and it gets the count correct (e.g., there are indeed 15 styles for Bahnschrift and 6 styles for Cascadia Code). Selecting any of the styles just results in the Regular one being chosen. Photo seems to be the only software that is confused here. Everything else I tried, whether it be Microsoft software like Notepad or Paint, or Adobe Photoshop, or ShareX (my screenshot tool), or Firefox or Brave, etc. are all able to see and apply the different styles. So what's different about these two typefaces that are causing problems with Photo? It doesn't look like Microsoft provides a separate download for Bahnschrift, but you can get Cascadia Code at https://github.com/microsoft/cascadia-code
  7. I have since been able to reliably reproduce the problem, but the beta resolves the issue. I haven't had any freezes or crashes since. Something to do with a bug in layer handling or ordering?
  8. What are your JPEG export settings like? Is it possible to uploading a sample both as an .afphoto file and an exported JPEG so we can see the difference?
  9. On 5/10/2020 at 2:58 AM, tombo said: The others which are JPEG will only open into Windows Pictures; I do not know any way to move them into Affinity How are you attempting to open them? By double clicking on their icon? Have you tried going to the File > Open... menu in Affinity Photo, and looking for the JPEGs there? You can also right-click on a JPEG and select Affinity Photo from the Open with menu.
  10. Whoops, just realized there is a bug report forum separate to the tech support stuff. Can one of the mods move this thread? Also, I noticed a crashpad_handler.exe subprocess running, and it was pointing to what appears to be some diagnostic files. Some of the files have since disappeared, but there are a few left from April, which may have been previous instances of this problem? Can I upload those anywhere?
  11. Hello, all! Recent convert to Affinity Photo after 20+ years with various Adobe products, much of that in a professional capacity. One big obstacle in my way right now is the frequent but seemingly random hangs I'm experiencing in Photo. It seems like it can be triggered at any time, even if I'm not actually active doing anything (e.g., I'll come back after a break, and it's frozen). By "frozen", I mean nothing responds to clicks. The mouse cursor does not change when I move it between document window and menu bar. But the windows do not grey out, nor does Windows Error Reporting kick in. So it seems that the process is still "running" (as far as the OS is concerned), just not responding to anything. I have to manually kill the process and restart, losing whatever work wasn't saved. Is it possible to trigger some sort of crash dump or stack trace when this happens? CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 3900X RAM: 32 GB (DDR4, 1600 MHz) GPU: nVidia GTX 1660 Ti (6 GB) Monitor 1: BenQ BNQ8020 (34", 3840x2160) Monitor 2: Dell U3011 (32", 2560x1600) OS: Windows 10 Pro (x64) build 18363.778 GPU driver version: nVidia Studio GeForce 442.92 Affinity Photo version: 1.83.641
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