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  1. Is there anyway to make lines visible for where you're drawing with the pencil tool? The only way seems to be by applying a stroke but when you only want a fill this is a PITA
  2. I use a tablet and when using the pencil tool if I don't have a stroke I cannot see the outline to the stroke I am creating. And being able to see it means you can see where you're drawing which is pretty essential.
  3. In illustrator when drawing with the pencil you can see the outline of where you're drawing. Is this possible in affinity? Seems pretty odd that it's invisible until you raise your pen from the tablet.
  4. Is there anyway to view where you're drawing with the pencil tool? In illustrator while drawing with the pencil tool you get an outline as to where you've already drawn but in Affinity it doesn't show this which just seems odd?
  5. On Illustrator if you CTRL click a layer you can view outline mode of an individual layer, is there anyway this is possible on affinity? Thank you 😀
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