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  1. I'm in the same situation. Been doing colour separations for T-shirts for over 25 years. So have downloaded APhoto and ADesigner to test and see if they compete with PS and AI combo. With few clicks things are not looking good. I see there is no support for Multichannel PSD files. APhoto can't open them. I use these for full colour Simulated Process separations. They contain many halftone spot channels, sometimes up to 12-15 cols. If I covert the multichannel doc to greyscale or CMYK, it will open in A Photo, and the extra separation channels are visible in the channels palette. However I cant click or view them, all I can seem to do it delete them? Not much use. In photoshop I can access these channels and work on them with curves and all the other tools in the tool box. Then output. The above processes are not just for DIY T-shirt print shops. This is how the whole garment print industry works around the world. From the small to the huge factories . -Unless they are using DTG printing-. Apparel Screen printing is a massive global industry. The above issue would also affect the whole off the offset CMYK print industry as their seems to be no support for Bump plates to add to a CMYK separation. ? or is there ? Noted on the comments to use layers instead of channels. But this would be a nightmare for output. You would need to output each layer on it own for all colours. ? Ive tried to attached a screen shot of an example but the upload fails every time sorry. Thanks jc
  2. Hi Walt thanks for your input its much appreciated. I will take a look at the specs in the store. Thanks for the link. Cross compatibility would be very important to me for sure. `I share multichannel PSD & AI/PDF files all the time for Simulated Process colour separations. All these files are for output. Another further issue for me, which is a different subject in another thread; Is Designers lack of Select>Same>Stroke/Fill or other functions. This would make using it for my work very difficult. Anyway your right though, I will test them myself with the free trials. thanks jay
  3. Hi just wondering if Affinity Photo is compatible with PSD multichannel documents ? Could such a file be opened and edited and re-saved in psd format ? Does photo have its own multichannel format and can this be opened with photoshop ? Similar question for Affinity Designer, is it compatible with AI format ? Can Ai files be opened edited and re-saved in AI format ? What is the native format for Designer files and is this compatible with AI ? Ive been using Adobe apps for 25 years so very interested in Affinity products. If the answers to the above questions are favourable making the change will be a no brainer. thanks.
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