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  1. OK So I'll just upload it. My afpub is consisted of imported PSD files. Expected behaviour is that Photo Persona's Rectangular Marquee Tool's selection shall be aligned to actual pixel. But if there is a page of different size existing, only in the first page (of different size) selection behaves normally. Currently my workaround is editing in Photo then switch back to Publisher. In order to reproduce, open xen-comic-00 (6).psd in Affnity Publisher and right click on Page 1 -> Add Pages from file -> put xen-comice-00 (1) portada.psd before. Then switch to Photo Persona. You would n
  2. This is what happens in Publisher with a page of different size as first page: And this is how doing the same in Photo looks like:
  3. I am translating a comic series consisting of several PSD files, and found putting all pages in a single afpub file is convenient as I don't have to reload pre-defined paragraph styles again and again. However when I tried to batch import, I found "Add Pages from File" only allows me to select one PSD a time. Hope this could be fixed, so that I wouldn't doing the same openrations repeatedly.
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