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  1. Since downloading AD2 anytime I move my cursor into the workspace the window will begin scrolling from left to right. When the cursor is removed from the workspace the scrolling stops. Went back to version 1 with the same results as well as Publisher 1 and Photo 1, all with the same scrolling. I opened several other apps to see if it was happening elsewhere and found that I cannot scroll through Lauchpad any longer, the app reverts back to the first page. All the other apps that I tested were working fine with the exception Launchpad and the Affinity apps. Tested both Launchpad and the the three Affinity apps while in safemode and experienced the same issues. macOS - Monterey 12.6.1 Hardware acceleration both on and off with same affect Nothing changed on hardware or software other than installing AD2. Was using AD1 moments before downloading new version with no issues prior to downloading and installing AD2 Screen Recording 2022-11-10 at 3.47.59 AM.mov
  2. I'm needing to assign dimensions to an object in a photo that is being used as a template within Designer. My question is how to assign a known measurement to an object within the photo? I'd seen it done on a youtube video but I can't find the video and have forgotten the steps on how to do this. In the photo I know that each chisel is 9" long and X" wide, I want to assign that measurement to each of them so that I can trace them in their actual size and then make a pattern for cutting their outlines on a CNC machine. Thanks
  3. Attached I have a drawing of a part that I drew from a photograph that a customer sent to me. When I brought the photo into AD the space between the arrows is about 18" as you can see on the top ruler. However, the actual size on the part is only 5". My question is how do I resize the image to match this known measurement?
  4. My apologies, I see the obvious answer staring me in the face. I downloaded but did not open my updated copy of Publisher. Problem solved. I attempted to remove my question but do not see an option for that.
  5. I am unable to link Publisher which I bought online to either Photo or Designer which I purchased through the App Store. Both Designer, Publisher and Photo are all the latest version but I am unable to link them together?
  6. Hello, I just found this thread and am looking for a way to do single line font conversions within Designer, as well. Inkscape does have the Centerline Trace plugin, however I'd rather stick with what I know (Designer) than switch to another piece of software. Does Affinity have plans to incorporate something similar into future versions of Designer. Is there a plugin like that found in Inkscape? Thanks
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