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  1. @Chris B @R C-R Exactly my thought ! How can you offer Grids and the ability to create isometric grids in the exact same way as designer, but then not give the isometric panel. Does not make sense at all. It's the equivalent of me buying a new car, and the guy saying " Yes your car comes with air conditioning, but unfortunately you can only switch it on if you purchase our other model"...
  2. Thanks for sharing, I am in that thread also but think this is a bug so I decided to report it on this forum. I wanted to also correct myself in saying that the panel in AP does not appear under Studio in Mac either, however it had appeared when I was doing some isometric work and so its added in my tab. See below.
  3. Ah sorry you are right, it's not in the list under studio, but I have the panel available in Mac and not on the windows version. Here is a screenshot from my Macbook Air showing the panel. Very weird
  4. I own both the mac and the windows versions of AP. For some odd reason, the isometric panel is not available in the windows version of AP. It is however available in the mac version. I have tried numerous times to check and also open the studio view but just not there? I think this is a bug and needs to be fixed
  5. Are Serif aware of this? is it a bug? I have AP both on my mac and my windows pc. On Mac the isometric panel appears under Studio, whilst it does not appear in the windows version. Super frustrating. I tried the check/uncheck option but nothing appears. Any other solutions?
  6. I have been having this issue for some time, and it's suuuuper frustrating to the point where I am considering other options regretfully as I really love affinity photo. 1. I was working in affinity, mainly using the brush tool doing some tracing. 2. I CTRL+V an image onto the canvas as seen in the screenshot 3. Tried to zoom in using the space + control function and would not zoom in or out properly 4. I then tried selecting the brush tool and for some weird reason, only drew straight lines ?! This has happened to me at least 5+ times in the last weeks or so, i
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