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  1. Oh okay. My mistake. Do they run discounts twice a year or so? If so, do you remember around which times other than black Friday?
  2. Will there be a discount on Affinity products this holiday?
  3. Thanks again. I actually don't want a perfect circle. I want to trace a path that is not a standard shape, if that is possible.
  4. Worked like a charm. Thank you very much! 😍 Will I be able to do something similar with the pend tool because that mirror is not perfectly roundish... So I would like to trace the path that I want to show.
  5. That doesn't work for me. When I mask the shape layer, the whole image disappears. See: NOTE: I also want the rounded section to show and to remove the hand part. I want to show only the mirror.
  6. Hi, I have Affinity Publisher. I added an image to my document using Place Image Tool. Now I want to clone out part of the image. I want to keep only a round section of the image and leave the rest out. So, I am looking for some kind of a selection tool that allows me to select that section and drag and drop it to the document. I hope that makes sense. How can I do this? Are there any tools?
  7. Well, it shows empty by default but I can explicitly select CMYK and then it shows the profile as "document profile". The 2 PDFs created either way seem identical. On screen, X-1a seem pretty good. The colors are a little dull but I guess that is expected.
  8. Understood. So both of you guys recommend X-1a, yes?
  9. But KDP say they ignore all information in profiles.
  10. It will be Color ink and 60# (100 GSM) white paper according to KDP website. Once again, thank you for the help!
  11. Thank you so much for your help! My fonts are quite large, this being a picture book for kids. I would say 36 or larger whereas for a normal novel with text, it can be 12 or 14. I can use PDF/X-1a:2003 but I'm not sure whether that will convert the document to CMYK while the image color profile (which seems to be what is embedded?) will still be RGB, which can confuse the printer on the other end...
  12. Sigh! I knew something was up. Surely, a simple PDF export cannot be this complicated, producing completely unexpected results. I'm not sure whether KDP will answer any questions related to Affinity but it's worth a try I guess... Will using rich black have any impact on images? This is a picture book so I don't want to take any risks with the pictures, obviously...
  13. This is a 32-paged picture book with both text and illustrations. My images are all in RGB format. I worked on them on Photoshop and imported them to Publisher without any conversions. Based on that, can you please recommend me a setting that I can use when exporting my images to PDF?
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