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  1. Thanks for the reply - I thought jpgs could only be exported as RGB. I got some postcards back from the printers the other day and the images were really dark and I'm wondering if that's because they were RGB JPGS placed within designer, even though the designer file was set to CMYK and exported as a CMYK PDF.
  2. Hi there Just looking for advice on image formats for print. I'm producing documents in Affinity Designer that need to be sent to the printer as a 'Press Ready PDF'. The documents will contain images and text - the document set up will be CMYK - the PDF export will be CMYK. So my question is what is the best format to use for images placed into the document. A jpg is RGB but that's what I've always used before, but now I wondering if I should use TIFFs instead as a TIFF is CMYK. Thanks E
  3. Thanks for pointing this out - I hadn't noticed that at all - I'll change it to a solid line and see if that fixes it - thanks for checking.
  4. I've designed a set of greetings cards in affinity - all b+w outline drawings, so when printed the kids can colour them in and send them off to friends and family. All the different designs are on separate layers - all print absolutely fine. Tonight I decided to add a rainbow design to the existing ones. Drew this out using ellipses and nothing out of the ordinary. When I go to print, it just hangs....forever! If I cancel printing I then cannot select anything in the file, can't edit, can't click on any tools or layers and simply have to shut it down. I started again with a fresh file and re-created the design - still won't print. I took the rainbow ellipses out. Took a while, but the rest of the design printed. So there's something about these elipses that will not print. My greetings cards are 120mm x 240mm and I've even tried a test to print the design onto A4 paper rather than the custom size. Again if the elipses are switched off, it prints the rest of the design just fine, if the ellipses are switched on it just hangs. I switched off my laptop and printer, restarted both, re-opened the file and the same issue occurs. My Canon printer is not low on ink and will print any other document I fire at it except this one. Does affinity hate rainbows?? SmileBoxCardsRainbows.afdesign
  5. Apologies in the delay in replying. I installed the latest update and then the issue went away. So hoping that's that fixed now as I've had the issue with quite a few files and I thought it might be to do with the fact they were originally created in Adobe Illustrator.
  6. I've experienced this issue ever since I started using designer and I don't know why it's happening. If I drawing a flower for example. I create a petal. I duplicate this layer, rotate it, then power duplicate it until I get a full flower. Everything looks great on screen, but when I print my document, the stroke of each duplicated element gets thicker and thicker. I've searched online, searched in the forums, but not found any solutions. Not really sure what to search for, so if this issue has already been tackled can you point me in the right direction? I've recently transitioned from Adobe Illustrator and I'm getting really frustrated with this issue as in order to create repeated designs, I'm having to draw each element individually to get it to work. Attached is a photo of my printed flower and what I see on screen. In this examples the dotted and plain lines are the issue. As I've duplicated them around, the stroke of each has increased a little each time. As I said this does NOT show up on the screen, only when I print the document. When I check the settings for each line, everything is identical.
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