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  1. Added 'Limit Initial It works, but only on the first image. If you open a second (small) image it will still get zoomed to fullscreen. There is also a noticeable "flash" effect as if the image was first @ full width and then rapidly resized to 100%. Can it be avoided?
  2. Confirmed. Also, that "flash effect" when the image gets resized is quite bad.
  3. Downloaded. Installed. Tested. ORGASMED. It's been a loooooong wait but it's finally here. Thanks, thanks, thanks a thousand times.
  4. Big/wide screens have been a reality for a long time, to be honest. If you work with graphics on a daily basis I think a big/wide screen is almost mandatory for your productivity (and sanity).
  5. Almost 5 years later still nothing. Serif, please, for the love of the mighty gods. Can you add this option? Please. Please. Please. Please.
  6. I work with web-related stuff and sometimes I need to open multiple images at the same time, again and again. Even a zoomed 1920x1080 image is extremely annoying on a 4K, if you need to press CTRL+1 every time. It's kust a nonsense.
  7. I am not sure you work with small images on a daily basis, I guess not? It doesn't need to be a 10x10 pixel. Even a 600x600 pixel image is VERY annoying when it gets zoomed on your face, if you work on a 4K. It's not always "needed" that zoom. When I open 100 small images (and by small I mean anything up to fullHD) I don't want to Ctrl+1 100 times, when I tab from one image to another. We should have an option to toggle the default zoom, that's all we need.
  8. Because it's the default size. It doesn't make any sense to zoom 10 times something that is meant to be small. Let the user choose.
  9. You can do Ctrl+1 already to resize what you see at 100%. No need to make that convoluted thing. The point is: images should always open to 100% size if they're below the working area available space. I mean, let's be serious: this is what I see when I paste a fresh-new image from the clipboard (Ctrl + Shift + N). I copied the top-right menu of this forum and it's a 318x111px image. Affinity Photo makes a new images and it automatically zooms it to fit the screen. Why? And this is how it SHOULD look at its REGULAR size, instead of forcing the user to Ctrl + 1 every single time:
  10. No news, it looks like they really couldn't care less. And yes, it's a pain. I love AP but working on a big screen is just painful. Even a fullHD image zoomed on a 4K is annoying to manage, despite being a 1920x1080 thing.
  11. It looks like they don't even consider it a "bug" but a real "feature". This week I've been dealing with a LOT of low-res images for a legacy project. Something like 500+ product jpg images between 350 and 600 pixel (width). Working on a 32" 4K monitor makes it worse than ever. You just see a mass of HUGE pixels every time. It's a freaking hell.
  12. +1 This issue is affecting my web-design productivity on a daily basis. I work on a 4K screen and opening anything below a certain size (800-1000px) is painful. Not to mention icons, small GIFs, whatever. Everything gets super-zoomed to full width and I am forced to CTRL+1 every single time. Drag'n'drop 10 small images => Cry. This is especially painful when the image doesn't have a perfect 1:1, 1:2, 1:3 pixel ratio and the zoom level "stretches" the pixels to fit the screen. It's just horrible and completely useless.
  13. Ideally, we should have 3 options: 1. Automatically "Shrink to fit screen" when the image is larger than your workspace/monitor size 2. Automatically "Display at 100% zoom level" when the image is smaller than your workspace/monitor size 3. Do nothing and open the image at its original size, regardless of your workspace/monitor size A 300x300 pixel image should never be automatically zoomed to fit a 4K screen, it makes no sense whatsoever, it looks horrible and it forces the user to constantly adjust the zoom level. On the other side, a 9000x9000 pixel image could be automatically resized to fit the screen, with the option to open it at its 100% size if the user prefers to work with a 1:1 pixel ratio. The keyword here is "option". I hope the developers will consider this thing, sooner or later 😐
  14. This is how Affinity Photo opens a 50x60 pixel image on my 1440p screen. I simply launched AP, pressed CTRL+SHIFT+N (new image from clipboard) and BANG! it fills the entire screen space. Why??
  15. For the love of our Lord, could you consider adding this 3+ years old request? I am sure it's not much of a problem for you and having the option to NOT "zoom to fit window" would immensely help people who work with small images on big screens every day. As a webdev I can assure you the zoom-to-fit-screen is a pain in the /\ss:
  16. It's bad also because if you open multiple images they will automatically zoom to fit the entire space. Then you need to manually CTRL+1 each one and when you move from one tab to another they briefly "resize" in a split second, resulting in some kind of "flickering". It's just useless and VERY annoying.
  17. Going back to Adobe? Not even in my darkest days, no way. This is not enough to go back. I just hope Affinity will eventually reply to this thread.
  18. This post is more than 4 years old and we're still here begging for such a simple thing. Serif, for the love of God, can you give us a feedback? Working on a 34" 4K ultra-wide screen is a pain in the /\ss. This "zoom to 100%" thing is just unbearable when I open multiple images at the same time. Please, please, please...
  19. I too work on a 32" screen and it's SO annoying that every single (small) image gets zoomed into my face. I work with web-related content and there are LOTS of low-resolution photos to work with.
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