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  1. Zrs7gKo6YB.mp4 I previously reported this for 1.8 along with another bug, but I'm going to report it separately here. To reproduce: - Create 2 shapes - Combine them into a compound shape using a non-destructive boolean add - Select one of the shapes, and add some constraints - Try to copy paste the shape - the new shape comes out broken. See video for example - it shows a normal compound shape copying correctly, but a compound shape with constraints breaking on copy.
  2. ah, I was copying the compound (alt+drag). The same thing happens if you copy and paste it, or try to make it a symbol.
  3. The copying problem I'm having might be related to using compounds where the shapes inside have constraints - see video. It also breaks symbols that use those compounds HWMehG9SfE.mp4
  4. When I try to resize this compound shape all the way to the left, affinity designer crashes. Also, when I try and copy this shape, the copy comes out blank and isn't usable. Using Affinity Designer on Windows 10 (10.0.18362) YANPtr7AON.mp4 compoundcrash.afdesign
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