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  1. I think the issue is that devices are getting increasingly higher resolution screens, greater pixel density, i.e more pixels for square inch. This makes the viewed size of the icons smaller in millimetres on the screen. Upshot is there needs to be an option to select bigger icons. Heck, they could be vectors which scale!
  2. It would be interesting to hear from Serif why these parts aren't configurable, whether there is a technical reason or whether they haven't had enough feedback to indicate that it is wanted / needed.
  3. There's also a tick box to turn on / off monochromatic iconography, see 6th item down on the bottom panel of this screen shot.
  4. Thanks Feldeee. (BTW - On a Mac they will be in colour once you open or create a new document. I've attached a screenshot.) They grey out when there's nothing open. The problem I'm having is with the iPad screen, the tools are just too small for me to see the tool icons properly.
  5. I love my three Affinity Desktop Apps, but iPad tool icons are too small. Needs an option to resize them. Is there a work around or is this a feature in the pipeline? This is currently a deal breaker for me to try to work from an iPad.
  6. I have a 10.2" iPad and wondering whether the tool icons will appear larger on a 12.9" iPad Pro? I'm finding the tool icons too small to see properly / quickly.
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