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  1. yes this is what I did assuming it would work, because that is what I was used to with Photoshop. it didn't, which is odd since you said thats what works for you. however ctrl shift click seemed to do the trick for me.
  2. NVM! I just answered my own question. using another finger just hold down shift as well! mind blowing.... 🤦‍♂️ so hold down shift and ctrl. well at least this is here just in case someone runs into this issue.
  3. Hi all, so I'm trying to select all pixels within a layer with a marquee so that I may do an overlay/paintover etc. on another layer. In photoshop the way I would normally do this if I recall my muscle memory correctly was to hold down the ctrl key and left click the thumbnail on the layers tab. basically the same layout as here in affinity. although its obvious that the same technique does not work here with affinity (otherwise I wouldnt be asking haha). So does anyone know how I could do this.
  4. ah yes, no worries, was just wondering is all. thanks for the replies all!
  5. yes I'm aware, what threw me off was how the forum sign up was separate. Normally from my experience with some sites, the forums and store sign up are one account.
  6. I'm confused, is the Affinity main website separate from the forum website? I can't sign in the store using my credentials. If they are, how do I sign up in the store. Cant seem to find the sign up button.
  7. Ah ok, Well, I'm sure they'll get it in soon then. So far however, this program is an easy transition from photoshop, plus I've found many improvements. and its not a money sink!
  8. So the closest the I can find is "Enable Dial support". I was able to rotate the canvas however by using two fingers and rotating on the tablet after enabling touch. However this is kind of a work flow hurdle for me. It just isnt that fluid. Also it rotates per 90 degrees. I'm sure you're tired of hearing this but, in photoshop, I was able to activate a free rotate function and easily rotate the canvas using my pen. Nothing like this perhaps? or maybe soon?
  9. So far I'm loving this program, and I'm sooo close to purchasing it. I do have a couple of questions however. Is there a way to free rotate the canvas? Think of it as like rotating a piece of paper as you're drawing. Another thing is, I often open up multiple files at a time, all named in a way that would put them in order above the canvas. Which helps me greatly as I need them to be in order. This works in photoshop, for some reason it doesn't in affinity. Is there a way to set this? And I know I can just drag them in order, buts its sorta a pain to do this over and over. ><
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