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  1. Here is a link to my art page instagram In title you can see it’s not for minors, some of it , so you’ve been warned Also last two pieces, portraits, on my instagram page, are done in Affinity photo www.instagram.com/milkformycoconut/ Stay safe
  2. Good evening all, Is it possible to implement this in new update release It is very important for any digital artist, and it’s in all digital painting apps (this video is made in Procreate) Thank You in advance IMG_0074.MP4
  3. Here it is you can see size, shape and rotation of a brush IMG_0074.MP4
  4. @Cecil i use apple pencil too. Like in your video, first you choose brush size, little circle indicates that, but then it disappears when you start painting, i would like it to stay even when i am painting, like in photoshop, preferably with shape of brush it self
  5. @Cecil it works for me like this too, but i would like to see brush at all times, for a visual reference while painting, especially because i change sizes constantly
  6. Second this, it’s very important to see brush cursor and size while painting or editing photos, procreate ps and any other app does this well. Can it be implemented in new update?
  7. Hi @Gabe , thank you for fast reply, looking forward for this to be fixed, because it’s a amazing shortcut for digital artists best
  8. Hi, I would like to suggest option on picking colors when using mixer brush like in photoshop works same as clone stamp tool, picking part of a image, including all colors in that region, instead just one color like regular color picker result is that you can paint with multiple colors on your brush, like in real life, plus mixing and blending of a mixer brush engine gives amazing results Thank you, Mateja
  9. Good day First of all i love your app for ipad I looked trough already posted bugs but couldn’t find same , So i Apologize in advance if someone already did report this bug When using keyboard, resizing Erase tool with Ctrl and Alt plus pencil click and then dragging works perfectly, switching between size, hardness, then spacing and rotation but when i switch to Brush tool, pencil movement don’t change size when dragging, or hardness or rotation. Only clicking works to change avalibile options Hope to hear from you soon Keep up the great work Mateja
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