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  1. Hi All, Just wondering if anyone else has the following setup an issues as I have. Working on larger documents with many images, files being kept in a dropbox (professional subscription) folder. Towards the end of the process of getting up to 122pp and near the end of the design phase, I now get reliably and regularly my laptop grinding to a halt. The 'out of system memory' message keeps popping up predictably within about 10-30 minutes of working in the file, almost regardless what I do. It is however very pronounced when I do export files to PDF to high res/press settings options. It is, I think, directly related to file sizes. But as I am not entirely sure, I am wondering what the real source is, insufficient disc space on local machine ? (my dropbox certainly has plenty of spare space available)... Unfortunately I also get a message here that I can't upload a screen shot image... Will try to come back to this later i guess. Specs: MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2019), 2.6 GHz Intel Core i7, 16 GB 2400 MHz DDR4, MacOS 10.14.6, APub file is 41.9MB, 112pp (with more than 500 images linked) Thanks in advance Chris
  2. Hi, I thought it would be good to update my post as well. I found now that the time to save varies a little, just like Stan reported. I have a file size of about 53Mb currently, but about a third more to go in a 112pp book that's fairly picture heavy. I am working on that file being kept in a dropbox folder. It seem virtually like saving to local drive, about a second to save many times, and every now and then it takes a few more seconds. SO, all in all, really impressive I have to say. One thing I noticed when closing that document, it takes about 10-15 seconds of spinning beach ball before Publishers finishes the quit process. It obviously writes some cases or history into some file I guess. It may be a good idea for Affinity to look at how this process could be made more obvious when it does happen, like a progress bar or notification popup window? It would help trouble shoot a bit better. Otherwise I should say again, Publisher really rocks more than ID 1.0 (when it was released a long time ago)! Cheers Chris
  3. Hi, I just updated also and found the same happening with a document that's on a shared Dropbox (paid business account, plenty of space left). This has not been the case previously with the same exact file. Very few changes happened in the document since the last update 1.8.2, so I can safely say it wasn't a major amount of added content in the meantime that could contribute to the issue.
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