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  1. Changing to WARP renderer prevented the crash and I was able to complete the merge successfully. FYI, I am using the latest WHQL (stable) Nvidia drivers, and tried both my old GFX 670 and new RTX 2070 Super cards. In both cases, the default renderer crashed.
  2. TIFFs upload failed, I keep getting a "-200" error message. Anyway, you can reproduce them yourself with Capture One 20.
  3. There you go. Again, RAWs work fine, TIFFs crash AP hdr tiffs.zip.hdr tiffs.ziphdr tiffs.zip hdr_raws.zip
  4. Hi, Using latest on Win10-64, I try to HDR-merge 3 TIFF files, and the program crashes (closes abruptly with no message) early during the merge process, if auto-align is enabled. The TIFF files were exported by Capture One 20, originally from Olympus E-M1II RAW files. Oddly, merging those original Olympus RAW files directly in Affinity Photo succeeds, but unfortunately chromatic aberrations are not corrected so it's not a valid option. I attached crash report files. e6321abd-9b84-42a3-9c80-3eecd079bf61.dmp attachment_Log.txt metadata
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