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  1. This seems to be a case of Photo crashing when I "pulled the rug out from under the Print dialog". Steps: Launch on Windows 10 and open a file. Print the file. Leave the file open. Access Windows' Setup/Devices/Printers and opt to "Manage" the printer. In the Manage dialog, change the name of the printer used in #2, above. Return to Photo and select File/Print again Result: Photo hangs and file does to prints (doesn't appear in the printer's queue). You must force quit Photo either by using Task Manager or by right-clicking on the Taskbar icon and selecting "Close Window" from the resulting menu. It seems that Photo is attempting to open the print dialog and defaulting to the same print, but under its old name, and comes to grief when the old name is gone and the same printer has a new name.
  2. Converting the scan of a color negative that has scanned as a positive, either with a scanner or with a digital camera, is a challenge. Generally, a dedicated film scanner or flatbed designed to also work with film will come with software that can do a decent job of handling the job. Each type of color negative film requires slightly different adjustments and new negatives require different tweaks from what's require when working with old negatives that may have shifted color with age. There are a number of threads on the topic over on the Rangefinder Forum (RFF) that discuss the issue. This one is typical: https://www.rangefinderforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=163214 I've read many of these and contributed to a few. In general, thought, they are written in Photoshop-ese and will require a little translating to APhoto methods. The general trend of the methods is to first Invert and then adjust Curves on a channel by channel basis.
  3. +1 If there is any real use for the current behavior then there should be an opt-in preference to enable it. Default out-of-the-box behavior should be to leave these two fields blank.
  4. Hi, I'm a new Affinity user, but an old hand (30+ years) at image editing, vector drawing, and DTP along with traditional processes (some hot-metal printing and 55+ years of film photography). After a decade in the software business (feature designer for Macromedia FreeHand) I've semi-retired and now work at an art gallery doing all the image work for an art photographer. I still use the Adobe CC suite for my day job, but I'm now migrating away from Ps, Ai, & CorelDRAW for my personal work. My wife is an old Mac user but has migrated to Windows in recent years. When she bought a Surface Notebook 3 last fall I recommended she get Affinity Publisher to replace her ancient QuarkExpress. She bought Photo and Designer as well. A few weeks ago I bought the 3 Affinity apps (Windows) for my use and have begun the adaptation progress. I'm quite happy with what I'm finding in the Affinity apps.
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