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  1. Affinity Photo 1.9 crashes when I click Export LUT in the menu. .cube format has a problem in all versions. Tried the other formats though, all work perfectly. Currently using Affinity 1.9.1 beta to export LUTs.
  2. HSV please, it's more intuitive for people who are used to working with physical paints. HSL is useful for color and tone separation. HSV is better for choosing colors in an intuitive way. Affinity has always had a very innovative business model, but it is often missing some very basic features that are preventing real professionals from switching, once and for all, to Affinity or that are giving professionals another excuse to go back to Adobe for example. I love Affinity. Please add this feature and maybe the articles will stop calling Affinity things like "a low budget alternative
  3. Can someone confirm whether that is possible? It seems to be possible in Affinity Designer, but not in Affinity Photo, which is weird. I thought the apps were pretty similar. First screenshot is Affinity Photo, second is Affinity Designer.
  4. My document dimensions are set to 1080px. When the DPI is set to 144 or 192, the document exports as a 540x540px document. It does not happen with any other DPI that I have tried, including 72 and 96. It should not happen. Also, when I check the document DPI after exporting the document, it shows 72 or 96, when it should be 144 or 192. Why does that happen?
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