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  1. I've created a new user, and... it works perfectly!!!! I'm thrilled! Thanks a lot for your advice and research, it's great ! Take care of yourself.
  2. I'm wondering if it's not a question of directors' rights. I'd have to look into that more specifically...
  3. yes, it's strange, but there are no more files ...
  4. I'm glad it's good news. I enclose a screenshot of the temp properties. There are very few files. Thank you
  5. On the welcome page, I can't open or download the samples, and this blocks and freezes the software in the same way as the export function. I'll contact you when I've done the other manipulations. Thank you very much!
  6. Hello Sean P ! And thank you for your response and for your interest in my problem. What do you mean about "sample from the Welcome Screen"? First of all, I send you as an attachment the result of the Windows Event Log recording. Thank you very much. affinity publisher problems.evtx
  7. I'm sorry, I didn't get an answer from you, it worries me. I bought this software for my work, and because of the problem caused by the Export function, I'm blocked from saving the documents... Thank you for answering me as soon as possible. Cordially
  8. Thank you for your answer, I just sent you the desired files via the Dropbox link. Let me understand, which file should I rename to 1.0 Old? The compressed copy of the 1.0 I sent you or the original 1.0? Cordially
  9. Hello, and thank you for your prompt response. Each time I create a new document in which I have totally basic things. On the 3 softwares, when I use the "export" function, the screen freezes, and I am forced to force the software to quit because it is totally crashed. I have uninstalled the software and reinstalled it, but nothing helps. It's a real problem because, for my work, I have to export the files on Affinity Photo as jpg or png, the files on Affinity Publisher as pdf or jpg, the files on Affinity Designer as png or pdf. I'm attaching the source files and screenshots for the 3 softwares. I'm really counting on you to find a solution to my problem because I'm very annoyed. Sincerely Test Designer.afdesign Test photo.afphoto Test Publisher.afpub
  10. Hello ! I'm French, I'll try to make you understand my problem. I have installed the 3 Affinity softwares (Publisher, Photo and Designer). On each software, I find the same bug: as soon as I want to export a file, the software crashes directly. The software version is V.1.8.3, I work under Windows 10 family, x64 processor, 8 GB RAM memory. Where do you think the problem could come from? Thank you for your answer
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