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  1. Tried Uninstalling but it didn't do anything and I didn't face this type of problem in another software. Otherwise result would have been same in them. But I ll try today again
  2. thnx guys word also has in built grammar checker thats make it more useful.
  3. having option of exporting will be great and less hazel process.
  4. Yes I tried without TOC Regarding reflowable I dont know. But never experienced this before, never had this issue before like this.
  5. Tried that as well not working. cleared and stopped it service, restarted than made it again still same issue
  6. Pdf Tried with print, high quality, export etc after hours and hours of trying experimenting, I m able to confirm that calibre is not taking /accpeting page breaks of publisher.
  7. I have questions that page break does not work when I am converting it to docx via calibre, even submitting to kindle directly causes all text to come close, only way I was able to solve was by using word only
  8. Hello I made a book using publisher but with calibre convert to docx everything seems to come close no breaks at all even after adding it. same book made word has no issue on book made with publisher has issues after converting from calibre it has issue that after that there are 2 table of contents..
  9. I dont know why its happening but I am able to produce the issue of table of content. Problem is its shows something else code like language. The only solution is to change the font everytime of TOC.
  10. hello color dodge should be like transparent but after converting the color profile it shows the effect ScreenCapture_2020-7-19_23_04_35.mp4
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