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  1. I've now shift delete and it works. But hopefully there is a solution with alt delete.
  2. I can't make it working on my Mac and I still can't find the reason why. For working at the moment I use shift + delete.
  3. Yess, You can edit it in the shortcut menu. I'm really happy with it! > Photos and edit > Fill with primary colour > Fill with Secondary Colour Unfortunately my option/alt delete won't work. So I'm hoping I can fix this. It's really strange, when I set the command to shift delete it will work, but with alt its impossible. (also command option/alt delete won't work) There is no triangle saying there is another shortcut.
  4. Thank you Bruce. I hope it will come in a feature update. Save settings every preset will be impossible. I'd read about there was no way of making or using a .xmp file. But I thought when saving the photo as .afphoto file it also save the raw info. Unfortunately that's not the case.
  5. Hello, I'm new to this forum and also to Affinity. I've used photoshop for a while, but doing it for fun is too expensive for me. So I've bought Affinity Photo this week and it works very good for me. I love how easy everything, but also really powerful. I've a question about the Raw editor / develop persona. When I work with a photo, is there a way to save the develop preset? Sometimes I do allot of photos and after a while my eyes are tired. So I check al the pictures the next day and change them. But I don't see a way to save the raw photos. In photoshop raw editor you get a .xmp file from it. Thanks for your help!! Arjan
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