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  1. The App Store version was paid through PayPal, so I cannot find the correct number for a refund. This is really frustrating... I really do love Affinity and am/was happy to get the Mac version, but I really didn't want to pay for it 3 times in total... Twice for the MacBook version... 😞
  2. Thank you, my purchase from Affinity was February 4th, so I'm guessing that is too late...
  3. Hi, As I'm a new Macbook pro owner, I had to purchase the Affinity for mac versions that I had previously purchased for PC. No problem there, totally understand. However, when I bought the Mac version here on the Affinity site, it would not install properly on my M1 system. So I tried to download it through the Mac app store, but it charge my account yet again... Is there a way to be refunded for one of the payments? I have proof of purchase for both time... Thank you in advance!
  4. Will look through that, thanks! I'm the one who began this thread, please be kind to people. 🙂
  5. So I uninstalled it, tried reinstalling and it failed again. Twice. So I tried reinstalling in the same Affinity folder, but not in the Affinity--Publisher folder and it worked. Likely not a very good idea to put it there, it's a messy folder now, but well I didn't know where else to try. But maybe the next time it fails (it will surely happen again) I could try naming a new folder a random name and it would work too? Anyway, for now it seems all is good. Thank you so much for the help, very much appreciated!
  6. 😂 😄 Thank you kindly, I will try uninstalling. My daughter has a Mac and keeps telling me "mom just go get a mac f'crying out loud" without thinking of the hefty price tag. But anyway. Will report back.
  7. I think it's the update itself that fails. The update downloaded, began installing, then stops before finishing and posts the message "update failed". And that's it. The program itself is not open, so no conflict there. This is repeated, and has done it with Designer as well (I don't own Photo).
  8. I'm a relatively new user to Affinity (though I did use a few of the original apps way back when). I'd like to migrate from InDesign and Illustrator to Affinity Publisher and Designer, and so far the apps are actually great to use. My only MAJOR issue is that (like Adobe apps) every time there is an update, it fails repeatedly! It's really hard to make a living as a creator and having issues with updates is time-consuming and unhelpful. Is there something I'm doing wrong? I run on Windows 10 version 1909.
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