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  1. When I modify a default brush (for example an ink one) I want to duplicate so I can use the variation from now on but it NEVER happens. The app says it’s indeed duplicated in the same brush menu but it never appears.
  2. I have always the same issue: when I try to use the artistic text tool it´s ALWAYS set by default in a weird reverse italic super large style. The only way to solve this is by restoring the factory values in the document tab. Sorry if I miss the proper names but I’m from Argentina and got Designer in Spanish. Please, the last update is quiet good but there are still some annoying bugs like this. Thank you! I really hope you read this, I think Designer is great and can be much better for sure.
  3. I’m trying just to do that but I can’t duplicate the brushes. I wonder if it’s an Affinity bug :(!!
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