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  1. I have had a similar problem moving my documents from Adobe CS5 to Affinity Publisher either via PDF or IDML. PDFs lost much of the formatting of my text and I ended up manually re-centring blocks of text, IDML retrained all the formatting but changed the colour of my text from Black to a grey scale. Find and replace brilliantly changed the colour of my text back to Black, but it still printed in Grey! I found that the "Noise" value impacted on the depth of the black printing and so by again using Find and Replace I was able to globally change all my text so that it properly printed Black. (Change the "Noise" value to 100%) Hope this helps
  2. Thank you for the information. I was kept well entertained printing off page by page, but this will make life much easier, thanks. Maybe this equally applies when you tell it to print the current page - you have to insist on it changing to the current page otherwise you start printing everything? I've been insisting by double clicking on my selection namely current page..
  3. Having similar problem - running latest Publisher on latest Mac OSX to a HP Envy 5530 printer and cannot print specified pages. I can print individual pages as long as I confirm that I want to print the selected page (screen shows first page until I specifically insist on current page) but trying to print a range of pages, say 38-51, and it starts printing the whole document from last to first, unless I catch it and cancel printing?
  4. Hi Dominik - thank you for your quick response. All text boxes have the same attributes across all albums and all spreads in CS5. Thankfully, as you mentioned, I have found that I can search and replace the text attributes to restore the colour back to black and so have been saved from hours of editing. I am most grateful that I can continue to develop and maintain my albums in Affinity and the recent inclusion of IDML has made the job so much easier Thanks again
  5. I am having to move all my black/white stamp albums from Adobe CS5. Initially I saved them to PDF and then opened them in Publisher only to find that the formatting and positioning of text had globally changed (left justified instead of centred etc etc). The introduction of IDML import could save me hundreds of hours since it correctly retains the format and layout of every page. My documents are simply albums using only black text, single font, mainly centred within text boxes to describe what is positioned above the text box A simple thin black line rectangle is positioned above each text box to indicate the position of the content of the album page (postage stamps). On opening the IDML files in Affinity Publisher I find that whilst the format and layouts of my text boxes and frames have all been retained correctly, all text within every text box has changed to a grey scale, that is, is no longer black. Moreover I have found that if I copy imported spreads from one document to another, the text line spacing changes and I have to reset the leading on every text box? I have several hundreds of pages per album and 20 or so albums to convert. Is there a simple way to globally reset the default font colour to black on every text box on every spread so that it propagates throughout the album?
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