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  1. thank you! Yes, it works perfectly after pressing the tab key. Very unintuitive...
  2. problem solved, if you press the TAB key on your keyboard after entering the page range it prints perfectly - rather unintuitive but at least it works.
  3. I am now on 1.8.2 also and still the same problem. Seems to be an actual bug. The only workaround is to export as PDF and print from there.
  4. I am using Aff Pub. 1.8.1 on a Macbook Pro running OS Catalina. I purchased the app from Affinity online and downloaded the update a week or so ago. I tried again to print a part of a document this morning, I put 6–30 in the 'Pages' window immediately under where it says 'Range: Entire Document'. I assume that is correct? It then printed the entire 40 page document 😞 - puzzling. Otherwise I love the program, it is clean, sleek and efficient and a great competitor to Quark which I have used up until now.
  5. When printing directly from Publisher I cannot print a select series of pages from within a larger document. I am offered 'Entire Document' in the print dialog box and can even type in the page range I want immediately below but it continues to print the entire document! Or I could choose Odd or Even pages - no good, or Current Page, also no good. Am I missing something or shouldn't any publishing program be able to print a simple page range. I am having to export to PDF and then print from there but should not have to do that – help!
  6. I have exactly the same problem and I have selected justify left but still no success. I do a line return and the last line is stretching out to fill the line.
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