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  1. Thanks for your help, MOB. I have found that the culprit is the JPG compression, as you say. Turn it off, and presto! All fixed. Thanks also for explanations - they help my understanding a lot!
  2. Hi Medical Officer Bones. You're right in that the original scan is 1 bit. Sample attached. I can't see where/where/why the export setting would be set to JPG. Under the Export Setting pop-up box, I have been using the 'PDF (for export)' preset which I think was the default. I just tried using 'PDF/X-1a2003', and that does fix the problem. Downside is the file size is 7 times bigger! But at least I can play around now and work out the most acceptable options for me. Thanks for your help! scan.pdf
  3. That fixed it firstdefence! You're a genius! Many thanks!
  4. I open the original PDF in Affinity Photo, and then move sections around by selecting and moving, and also using copy and paste. Both methods show up the issue. The selection or paste lines are not visible within Affinity Photo, but when I export as a PDF and open the resulting file (I use PDFSam), I see the lines. But I assume the reader is not the issue, as the exported file also shows the problem up when I import into my sheet music app (MobileSheetsPro) and look at it there. It must be a problem in the way that Affinity Photo handles moving a selection, and also the way it handles pasting. Or am I missing something ... a setting perhaps? I don't understand Fixx's comment - it is not possible to crop out the lines is it? (e.g. with the attached example where I used the free select tool around the symbols on the left hand side and in the middle. (PS. A friend of mine has tried the same process with Photoshop, and there is no problem with that.) Display Issue.pdf
  5. When copying and pasting parts of my sheet music, and then exporting as a PDF, I find there are thin visible outlines around every area I have pasted, which makes the sheet music very messy looking. The lines are not visible when editing in Affinity Photo. An example is attached. Can anyone help please? page4.pdf
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