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  1. Great. I just updated. I'm so glad you guys changed the zoom tool as well. Now if only AD and AP had this feature: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/12351-brush-pressure-controls-opacity/?p=53574 then I could make AD my main paint program. Opacity on brush pressure allows me to use one brush to quickly and easily make gradients in a painterly style. Anyway, thanks for the help guys.
  2. Brush Pressure controls opacity is the one missing feature in Affinity Designer that is keeping me from making it my main paint app. I can't find a way to change opacity with brush pressure. If the feature does exist I'm not seeing it. Seems like it should be under the dynamics section of the brush editor. The attached file is one I sent to Paolo Limoncelli which illustrates the issue. He was able to help me with advice on blending, but I miss my opacity control which is available in virtually every other paint program known to mankind. So, if it is available I'd love to know how to do it. If it's not then it should be a top priority for your next release :D
  3. Great! Thanks guys. I am running the app store version, and now I see that the groups inside the groups had visibility unchecked. Glad to see this has been addressed in the latest release. I'll wait for the app store update. Thx again MEB and Hokusai.
  4. Here's the original file. I tried to output them as slices only as a last ditch effort when everything else failed. I also tried to export a PDF, and the same layers are still not being exported. So MEB if you could please take a look at the file for me that would be very helpful. Thx. CardPageAir02.afdesign
  5. My first project learning to use AD and it won't export correctly. See Image #1. (What it's supposed to look like.) Image #2 (export settings) and Image #3 (what it actually looks like). I tried exporting in jpg, png, and psd, but the dice and coins don't show up in the final exports. I used export persona to export slices and got the same result. The dice and coins are not visible in the slices. Well, image #1 exported correctly when I broke apart the coin and dice groups, but that did not work on the other pages. If anyone knows how to fix this problem please let me know. This is a personal project, but I still have a deadline. Looks like I'll have to use some screen shots to produce the final cards since I'm planning to laminate them tomorrow. By the way this is a remake of a game by Calliope Games called 'Roll For It'. Follow me on Art Station and check out more of my work. https://b_sean.artstation.com Peaceout! B.
  6. Hi MEB thanks for your help. I tried the method you suggested, gradient tool-->bitmap, but the software crashed. I tried several times with different jpg images and crashed every time :( In my previous post I should have said that I want the ability to create tileable textures. To create them I would need a specific offset tool. My current method in photoshop is to create a document 400x400 then offset 200x200 and blend the area where the edges meet. I tried to use the AP mirror tool, but wasn't able to achieve the same results. I should probably post this in the feature request section. The mirror tool seems to be an intuitive place for me to look for an offset operation. If it already exists please let me know. Thanks again.
  7. +infinity for seamless tiles. That would be a great feature for us game designers and 3D texture artists. I would love to see seamless tiles in Photo and Designer alike. JCLounge-- if you want to do an infinite canvas the way you described; in Photo you can use the crop tool then drag it outside the canvas area it will extend the canvas.

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