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  1. When exporting an artboard, the default filename should be the name of the artboard. For bonus points, a way to export multiple artboards (from the same document, with the same settings) at once would also be very helpful.
  2. @Dan C I was able to figure out how this happened without me having the Sans Pro font installed. All you have to do is copy text from a Safari webpage then paste it into a new, empty text frame. It comes in with this bogus font reference. If you "paste w/out style" it does not.
  3. Thank you, @Dan C. I'm not clear how you found it, but I'm glad you did. Much appreciated. I'm going to go with the theory that it can from pasting in styled text, as I can't otherwise understand how happened. Thanks again.
  4. Ah, yes, it could be from styled text via CC. (I no longer have a subscription, and I've checked again to make sure the font isn't somewhere on my drive, it isn't.) Thanks for the suggestions. @Dan C - I've uploaded the file via the (nifty) Dropbox link you provided. Thank you.
  5. Thanks for the help. Unfortunately the problem persists. Here's more info: - I created the template myself - I do not have the missing font (Adobe Source Sans Pro) font installed, or own it at all, so I'm puzzled as to how it got referenced in the first place. - I have Publisher, thanks for those tips. When I use "Locate" in the Font Manager every single text frame in the document is highlighted! This doesn't seems to be causing me any problems with the doc (yet), but it does cause me anxiety.
  6. I have a number of files that I use for templates, and in almost all of them I get a "missing font" warning whenever I open them. I can't find where the font is being used, is there a way to track it down and eliminate the reference to it? For now I'm ignoring it, but when these files go to professional press, I suspect it will be a problem. Thanks. (Attaching screenshot of warning message.)
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