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  1. Thanks for testing kirkt! I've read you are working on a Mac. I am on Windows 10 with the latest version of AP. May be that's why there is a difference in how color profiles are handled and you don't see them. Does anyone know if Affinity support is reading this forum? I really would like to know why Affinity is acting like this with these profiles.
  2. It is in one of the previous posts: http://www.spaanbroek.net/ScannerProfile.icm. Do not let the name mislead you, it is a scan of the colorchecker card from which I generated the profile with the colorchecker software. It is the same with an image of the colorchecker card from my camera.
  3. Thanks for the url of the printer test images. I downloaded them and when I leave the AdobeRGB profile assigned to it and add a soft proof layer to it with my printer profile I get indeed about 40% OOG. But when I assign the profile created by the X-Rite colorchecker camera calibration software all of a sudden the soft proof layer seems to be inactive (or all colors are in gamut, which a doubt). When I do the same in The Gimp I see much colors are still OOG, in Affinity I see none. So, the problem seems only there when assigning color profiles from the X-Rite colorchecker camera calibration software to a document in Afiinity. Then the soft proof layer seems inactive and I can not soft proof for prints at all.
  4. Hi, thanks for trying to help me. And sorry for any misunderstanding because of a language barier ;). The SannerProfile.icc is a profile created with a colorchecker and the software from X-Rite (colorchecker camera calibration). It should be assigned to the document you want to be color corrected, so it says in the manual. When I assign it I make some basic adjustments like leveling, curves and sharpening. Then, when I want to print it, I use a custom printer profile for my printer and paper (http://www.spaanbroek.net/HP-Q2510A-MENC.icc) to soft proof. I make a soft proof adjustment layer and choose this printer profile. When ticking the option to accent out of gamut colors nothing happens when the colorcheker profile is assigned to the document (even when I have very deep blacks which I know the printer cannot print). Also I see no changes when I activate and de-activate the soft proof layer (I have it on top of the layer stack of coarse). When I assign for example the standard sRGB profile to the document soft proofing seems to work again. I am not an expert on color profiling (even far from that), but just follow the workflow that is in the manual of the colorchecker and which I also saw in several reviews. Thanks again for helping!
  5. As I am unable to upload a file, I made a ICC profile available on my webserver: http://www.spaanbroek.net/ScannerProfile.icm. When assigning this profile to an image and then adding a Soft Proof layer, this layer is not doing anything. Even when adding a curves layer and push the colors to real extremes, there is no sign of out of gamut colors. Doing the same in The Gimp for instance is showing out of gamut colors, so I really think this is a bug in Affinity? Assigning another ICC profile to the image again (for instance an sRGB profile) results in the Soft Proof layer working again and shows the out of gamut colors again. I would like to be able to assign the ICC profile taken from my ColorChecker to correct colours and tones, and then make any corrections that would be necessary to make a good print.
  6. Thanks Lee D. I did see the video, but that is not the problem that I see. It seems when I assign the ICC-profile generated with the software from X-rite, a softproof layer is not doing anything anymore. Assigning another profile (for example sRGB) results in getting expected results when adding a softproof layer again.
  7. I want to buy a Colorchecker passport soon, but understand that Affinity Photo has no support for that. So I wanted to test how it works when I create an ICC profile with X-rite's software, and assign this profile to a photo. I have downloaded a test file from the internet and generated an ICC profile. Only, when I want to print such a photo and use a Soft Proof adjustment layer, nothing happens. I'm pretty sure some colors are out of gamut. I tested that with GIMP, which does issue out of gamut warnings for the same image. But in Affinity Photo the image remains exactly the same with the Soft Proof adjustment layer on or off. Does anyone have an idea why this is so? Are not all ICC profiles compatible with Affinity? I wanted to attach the files I tested with in this post, but getting an error -200.
  8. Hello, I am working on a document in Affinity Publisher which I want to sent to a printshop and they told me it is best to work in CMYK. So I setup my document with colour format CMYK/8. Now when I place an image (which are in the RGB colour space) I get a warning in the preflight check: Mismatched color space (RGB). Of course this is right. But, how I can not fing how to solve this issue. How can I convert the image so it is in the CMYK colour format? Can it be setup so that Affinity publisher converts an image to the right colour format after importing it in the document? It wolud be nice to be able to see how the images look before I sent it to the printshop.
  9. Hi Pauls, I sent you a private message because I am not sure I can share the file on a public forum. The version of publisher I have installed is I do not know if it is important, but I see I did not mention it in my first post. I edited the image in the file through Studiolink in Affinity Photo. The version of Affinity Photo I use is also
  10. Hello forum, I am evaluating Affinity Publisher and made a document of one page with an image and some textboxes. I exported is to a PDF-file and saved it as afpub-file. When I wanted to change something in a texbox I got a message the file had to be closed (I do not remember the exact message I am afraid). After that when I wanted to open the file again I get a messagebox with the filename and the message: The file indudes features from a later version of Affinity. This is the first time I ever used Affinity publisher, I have not worked with any earlier version. The document was just made with the version I downloaded (I checked and it is the latest stable version). How can it be there are features of a later version in this file. And most important, is it possible to correct the file so I can open it again? I do not know if it is important, but the file was also not there anymore under recent files. I am working on Windows 10.
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