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  1. I have a Designer document that is 1080 px by 1080 px. I want to change it to 8.5” x 8.5”. How can I do that? Howard
  2. With some raster brushes on v. 2.0.4 on my iPad, no color is appearing when I am drawing with the Paint Brush. In Designer Preferences in the Apple Pencil Pressure Setting, the start point is in the lower-left corner, the end point is in the upper-right corner and, at the midpoint, the pressure curve is slanted a small amount toward the lower-right corner. Is anyone else experiencing this problem? Is there another pressure curve that works better for most users, is better to use? When drawing, I do not press the pencil down that hard. Howard
  3. On my iPad, I created a speech bubble (callout ellipse with text within it), and I would like to copy it into Procreate. When I group the two objects, select and copy them, I cannot paste the grouped object into Procreate — the Paste function is dimmed in Procreate. I tried in both the Designer and Pixel persona. In Version 2 (iPad), is there an easy way I can transfer objects from Designer to Procreate?
  4. I have made an L-shaped rectangle and converted it to a text frame, but when I typed text into the text frame, the text appears strangely -- see attachment. There is too much space between the lines. I checked both the Paragraph and Character panels but don't see anything amiss in either of them. I appreciate everyone's help so far. sample-3.afdesign
  5. When I did that, it worked except for one thing. When I filled the new text frame, there is a blank area above the first line of text -- see attachment. Is there a way for the text to start at the top of the text frame?
  6. I have an image that I want to position in the upper-left corner of a text frame so that the text wraps around it -- see attachment, which shows the image and text as separate objects. How can I do that in Affinity Designer? I am using Designer version 1.10.4 on a Mac running Version 12.0.1.
  7. In Affinity Designer (Mac version 1.10.4), I want to reduce the spacing between two paragraphs. When I choose Text > Paragraph Leading > Decrease it reduces the spacing between all the lines in both paragraphs. The attached image shows where I want the spacing changed. How can I do that? Thanks, Howard
  8. Is there a way to transfer vector layers that are on Affinity Designer (on my Mac) to Procreate? I also have Designer on my iPad. Howard
  9. On my Mac in Affinity Designer, I accidentally imported the same brush set twice. How can I remove the duplicate? I am using version 1.8.2. Howard
  10. I am currently using Affinity Designer on my MacBook Pro. However, I am considering buying a new MacBook Pro. Can I have Designer installed on more than one Mac at the same time? If not, how can I transfer the license to a new machine? Howard
  11. That's different, but it is interesting. I know that if I select the vector-brush-drawn object I can fill it with a solid color, but how can I add a bitmap fill?
  12. Is there a way then that when I make a curved vector object, starting with the creation of the second node and continuing with each additional node that the area within the starting node and each new node created will be filled as the object's shape develops?
  13. In Designer, after making a vector brush stroke, how can I just widen the object without lengthening it? When I try to just increase the width it is also increasing the object's height. Also, is there a way to convert a vector brush object into an object with nodes on its perimeter? I am using version 1.8.2.
  14. The tool icons on my 9.7" iPad are so tiny they are almost unreadable. Is there any way to increase their size? Also, for the Affinity context text on the screen, is there any way to increase their contrast?
  15. In a closed object (a quadrilateral), I clicked "Break Curve" at a node. Surprisingly, when I move the broken node away from the object, the shape's color continues to fill the object even though its shape changed. Why is that? I am using he latest version of Affinity Designer on my Mac.
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