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  1. Ahhh, spoke too soon. I found a persona! It is directly under file when you first pull it down. I have my Aphoto there, but not my Adesigner. Maybe I will try a reboot?
  2. Thank you both for your insights. Attached is a screen shot (if I did it right...) I do have all three programs purchased and updated. I don't see Studiolink, so I went to "help" and this is what it said for Studiolink: "The Designer Persona and Photo Persona come directly from Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo, respectively. As such you need to have one or both apps purchased and installed to take advantage of that Persona. The options are unavailable otherwise." Persona's must be what they are calling it now, but it wasn't very clear how to find them or switch from one t
  3. After I installed 3. update for all three programs, my apps are no longer linked together. Before, when I opened my Publisher file, the other two would open as well and would show on the top tool bar so I could jump between the three programs. Now, they are no longer linked and I have to open all three apps individually, which will make sharing and working on files between the three programs so much more difficult. Does anyone know why or have a solution to the problem? Was I on a beta testing or something because I read a question where someone "wished" they could do something like this, but
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