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  1. Hello, This button simply does not exist on my version. Any ideas? I use version 1.10.4 on a Mac with macOS Monterey (12.0.1) Thanks in advance!
  2. Thank you all for your answers and your time. Applying master page to master pages works just fine!
  3. Hello, I am new to Publisher and I didn't find any answer to this question: how can I define a footer that is shared by many master pages? The goal here is to be able to edit the content of my footer (for instance put specific name or change a version number) without needing to do that on all my master pages. It would be like having a footer master page that apply to all or part of other master pages. Hope this graphic helps to understand my goal. Thank you for your help! Antoine
  4. My question is about a « gradient following a path ». Your image is what i try to achieve, whatever the shape of the curve is. Thanks for the clarification.
  5. Thank you for this info. I guess I'll stick with old Illustrator CS6 for some work until it comes...
  6. Hello, I didn't find any update on this topic since 2016, and also no other informations anywhere else on that matter. Is this feature already implemented or is it still to come? Thank you very much in advance for your update! Antoine
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