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  1. Go to the Export persona, select the standard "whole document" slice at the top of the Slices tab, set the format and other options you want, and use Export selected to export to a folder. Then check Continuous. in the Slices tab. Go back to one of the other personas, and you should find the folder is updated after every edit you make.


    I could not find "whole document"but just kept it on page X1 and did the .jpg continuous and it worked great to make it stop I just unchecked continuous.

    It works great! Thanks so much. What a good way for me to make 3D textures.

  2. Hi to all reading this. I am new to Affinity Designer and I'm afraid I will have a lot of questions even after watching the videos and reading the help. 

    With that said:

    Here is what I would like to improve in my work flow.

    I use Cheetah 3D as my 3D modeling software, it updates my texture whenever I make a change in my paint program and save/export it updates the texture on the model.

    Now using AD I have to (command alt shift S) (or export menu) then pick the file name, then click replace, then save. That is a lot of steps to update the .jpg file.

    My Question: Is there an easier way? I hope so.

  3. I would like to know why Affinity at @ 29.99 pounds $30+ American without any documentation other than Mac help, is a better choice than iDraw which has docs and costs less and seems to have more features. Any reasons why I should buy Affinity Designer?

    I believe this is a legitimate question to ask no offense intended.  Also iDraw has an iPhone iPad app. and saves to iCloud like I believe does Affinity Designer. Thanks

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