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  1. This sounds like a perfect use for Snapshots.


    If you use both AD & AP, you may not have realized AD has a snapshot feature that is a more limited version of the one in AP, since there is no Document > Add Snapshot menu item or an Undo Brush tool in AD.


    To use Snapshots in AD, first open the Snapshots Studio Panel (View > Studio > Snapshots). That panel has icons for the Add & Restore Snapshot missing from the main menus, plus Rename & Trash icons for managing the list of snapshots you make with the Add icon.


    This should allow you to save & restore not just the base settings but also any other expressions (or whatever) to use as a starting point for new ones, & keep everything in the same document.

    Will the snapshots be available in other documents or only the one you did the snap shot in? I'm guessing just the one.

  2. Revert to original file [Designer]

    I have a file I use over and over to make .jpg face textures for my 3D cartoon figures.
    I have it set to a base setting no expression.
    After I change the objects/curves/nodes. (Eyes closed, mouth open, eyebrows raised etc. )
    Is there a simple way after exporting as well as saving to revert back to the original base file?
    ( I save the file so as not to lose my changes due to a freak crash.) 
    Perhaps there isn’t a way to do this, but maybe someone knows a tip or too. or possibly it can be done somehow.
    P.S.  the entire file is 62MB. a Designer file.
  3. One thing that drives me nuts, and there is a long list not just Affinity related, but that's another story or ten.

    One thing in Designer and Photo is I draw a new curve make a new layer... where is it??  Hidden inside some other layer where I don't want it!

    I open a pixel layer where did it go?   Somewhere besides at the top of the layer list!

    How in the hell can I get my new layers and curves to open at the top of the layers list.Not inside some other layer or somewhere I can not see it ? ?

    I hope there is an answer to this. :rolleyes:  :unsure:  :blink:

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