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  1. It still happens whether it is selected or deselected. I DID notice however that it did not happen when I copy onto a simple single layered file. However when pasting into a document that has multiple layers (like 2-3 dozens) with masks and and layer effects, then it happens. One other note is that the original multi-layer document was created in Photoshop and then saved as a native .afphoto document.
  2. I forgot to mention that I'm running OS X Catalina, 10.15.3, Mac Pro (2019).
  3. Fairly new to Affinity ('though I'm loving it). I am having an issue with files not closing right away. It happens when I open (for example) a jpg file and I want to copy that file into another open document. I select all from that jpg, then successfully paste onto the other open image. But when I go to close the jpg, I choose "don't save" since I didn't make any changes to it. The jpg file gets stuck on the dialog box for maybe 45 seconds to a minute before finally closing. It wouldn't be so bad if it was a one time event, but it happens all the time slowing my workflow.
  4. I'm experiencing tremendous lag and delay when simply closing a document. The exact scenario is I open a file (like a jpg), and I try to copy and paste that image onto another open file, then when I go to close the file that I copied from, it asks if I want to save the file. When I say Don't Save, it hangs there for almost a minute before finally closing the file.
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