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  1. Hello guys, try what @Zippy82 suggested first then and drag and drop the raw pic only (nef file) from iPad os photo app to affinity photo...this has worked for me. The drag and drop solution was suggested from user @p_mac. The combination of these two methods has fixed my issue. Using only one of them, however, did not.
  2. @p_mac thanks for your support man. Dragging the picture has fixed the issue. I really appreciate it...don’t know why i did not think about it
  3. Importing the picture from the cloud works fine. However importing the same picture from the iPadOS photo app does not work. i attached what happens in my case. The one of the left is the pixelated one, and it is on the opposite direction. Moreover, it is reduced to 120 160 px the one on the right is the one imported from cloud more specifically OneDrive.
  4. It is a raw file actually. I do not use JPG at all. the file was imported by the ipad photo app. When I imported it using affinity the raw symbol was on the pic, so i am 100% sure it is raw.
  5. Hey, I also updated to version 1.8.2 but now the problem occurs only when i open vertical picture using import from photo. the following message is displayed: “Assigned profile: Photo iPad assigned your working profile (sRGB IEC61966-2.1) to this unprofiled document” attached below is the screenshot. Can you anyone advise what to do next
  6. Can anyone expect when the fix will be sent based on his/her previous experience of such incidence
  7. hey everybody, is there a definitive fix for this issue beside the beta builds? if no when can we expect it to be fixed.?
  8. Did anybody find a solution to this it is happening to me as well? Unable to open any raw file,but jpg is fine
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