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  1. Mine is crashing pretty much every time I touch the clarity slider in the develop persona. Failing that it will keel over at some random point soon after. This is making a previously rock solid experience with a brilliant app into a complete nightmare! Very buggy release. I’m using an iPad 2018 128gb.
  2. Good to know there is a fix in place now. Do we have an idea of the release schedule for the next build with that in? Otherwise, does anyone know of a way to access the RAW and JPEG files imported into the photos app directly? I assume they are sandboxed in the app as I can't seem to get to them in the files app. If I can access them then I can either remove the JPEG or move the RAW as a workaround. Ah the joys of IOS.......
  3. To be clear, this is the workflow test case that is failing for me. I assume it is the same for the others: Take a picture in Raw+JPEG on a Nikon camera - resulting in two indentically named files suffixed .nef and .jpeg. Import into PHOTOS app on iPad directly from the SD card - resulting in a single entry (that you can see) in PHOTOS. Open AP and choose 'Import from Photos' option - which has always loaded the RAW (NEF) file by default. If you test a RAW file by any other method I suspect it will open as we proved via iCloud above.
  4. I can try and upload a RAW file and it's corresponding JPEG later but as I said above, I don't think it is the file that is the issue, it is the route that it is taking - i.e via the import process into PHOTOS app on iPad. AP obviously has no issue with the RAW files themselves if they are loading directly from iCloud and opening fine. The location (https://www.rawsamples.ch/index.php/en/nikon ) mentioned above would probably give you a file to try but I suspect it might only be an issue if PHOTOS imports the NEF and JPEG file at the same time which appears to be the default behavior when the camera is outputting RAW+JPEG. Certainly, it would be interesting to know what the result is if the camera is set to RAW only, If there is no corresponding (they're named the same apart from the suffix) JPEG file, will it load from PHOTOS? If so then I suspect it is trying to load picturename.jpg when it should be picking picturename.nef - that would explain it thinking it is the wrong format?
  5. Yep they’ll need to fix it. I do wonder whether it is selecting the wrong one of the two files and trying to load the jpeg as RAW in error. That might account for the behaviour. Hopefully someone from the developer will acknowledge at some point......
  6. If you’ve imported into photos then it will have imported the jpeg and the raw but if you move that to iCloud it copies only the jpeg and I can’t see how you get to the raw. To get the raw file over you need to copy it directly from the sd card to iCloud using files. You’ll know it is the raw as it’ll be bigger and it’ll show RAW in the top left like the duck pic above.
  7. Looks like it is just from photos. I just took a test shot, copied raw file from sd card to iCloud using files app and I can then load it from there into AP. Trying to import from photos fails every time. Not great but at least it’s a workaround for now.
  8. So you’re suggesting it is only an issue if opening from photos? Annoying if so as that is the standard way of accessing them. There seems to be quite a few with the issue including different types of RAW files from other manufacturers. Maybe someone else can try it via that route as can’t currently?
  9. Directly after importing with no editing in anything. I just imported one to check and it refuses to load with the same message. JPEGs load fine.
  10. Opening Nikon raw files from a D5300 or D3400 via import from photos on iPad fails every time with unsupported message. This has always worked prior to the update and they are a format supported by the Apple library.
  11. I have the same issue. Trying to open a NEF file from a Nikon D5300 it reports that it is not supported! Worked fine before the update. Even deleted and reinstalled losing work and no change. Annoyed as AF on iPad is my main editing tool and I can’t use it. Not sure if I should update the PC version now or leave it.
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