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  1. That's it - it's resolved! Perfect. Is there a way to make this this default setting so I don't need to change it on every image I'm editing?
  2. All done.... This is the original image as sent from our supplier - I cannot promise they haven't already edited it at some point in the past.
  3. Thanks for your help so far. I have checked the preferences/color and this was already set to: sRGB under the RGB Colour Profile and to sRGB under 32bit RGB Colour Profile. The file named _Dave is the one uploaded from Photoshop. I'm using Safari v 13.0.4 It looks as though the image was originally created using a Canon camera. I've attached the same file here and by dragging it onto this post it has also changed the colours, so it would point to it not being related specifically to Magento. Many thanks, George
  4. Hi Firstly, I'm no expert on Affinity and there might be a very simple solution to the problem I'm encountering. I use Affinity Photo to crop and export images to use on my company website which is based on the Magento 1 platform. I'm exporting the images as jpg in size 2700x2700 and at 100% quality and then Magento compresses the images down. For some reason, the colour becomes green tinted when uploading and the only way to get around this is to export in a file size of around 200kb which is sometimes 0% quality, so is no good for the website. I have tried at various file sizes and even a 1mb file changes colour considerably when uploaded. The initial conclusion was that Magento was somehow changing the images during the compression of the file, however if the exact same file is uploaded from Photoshop, then there is not a problem. So in summary, the problem appears only on the Affinity files. Is there a setting I can use to export the file in a more web friendly format? I have images of both the Affinity file and Photoshop file uploaded onto the website but cannot get the Google Drive url to work, so I have attached a link to the product on my website. Looking at images 1,7,9,10,11, these are all Affinity files with different profiles and file sizes and you can see how bright green the grass is. Image 6 is the same file exported from Photoshop. https://www.pavingsuperstore.co.uk/natural-paving-sawn-and-honed-sandstone-premiastone-maple-paving-slabs.html Hope you can help. Thanks, George
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