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  1. @Dan thanks a lot for the comprehensive answer. Looking at the product in the iPad mini for scale helps a lot. I'm planning on using the apple pen too, so I think it should be ok. In terms of workflow, I am still trying to build one!. I am a new user to affinity. I'll be getting that iPad and getting into it in a couple of weeks. Thanks a lot for your help! This is pretty much what I needed.
  2. Hi, I see that Affinity recently started supported iPad minis (5) for the first time. Every review/article I can find out there, showcases Affinity Photo in either iPad, iPad Air or iPad Pro, but there are pretty much no notes on how it looks/works/performs on an iPad mini. Can I ask if any of you is using Affinity Photo in an iPad mini to do intermediate/pro level work and how are you finding the workflow? Is the interface too cluttered in the smaller screen or can you comfortably zoom in and use all the tools? Any shortcomings or dealbreakers for making an iPad mini the main Affinity Photo device? Thanks a lot!
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